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# audio

R.I.M.I.X     (KKV, 2019) - Digital release: 24/03/2019     

On R.I.M.I.X, DJs and sound artists from the Palestinian and Tunisian alternative scene join forces to pay tribute to Rim Banna by remixing seven of her songs. Just like Rim, the remixes are a mixture of eternal optimism, defiance and resistance as well as beauty, devotion and fragility. The up-beat, electronica, dub, house and club-style pieces are composed in the spirit of celebration of Rim's legacy. This album, released exactly 1 year after Rim Banna passed away, is a reminder that her voice and message are here to stay.

Album track list

01 - The Dream / Al-7olom (remixed by Nasser Halahlih) | 4:40
02 - Loving you / U7ibbuka (remixed by Checkpoint 303 feat. B Wesseltoft) | 4:42
03 - The Sun Of Love (remixed by Ministry Of Dub-Key) | 3:26
04 - Ya lel ma atwalak (remixed by Nour) | 7:02
05 - Maryam Bitter Sea Remix (remixed by Checkpoint 303 feat. B Wesseltoft)) | 5:20
06 - The Carmel Of My Soul (remixed by Ministry Of Dub-Key Remix) | 1:36
07 - Umamiyyah Anthem (remixed by Checkpoint 303) | 4:12

The album is available online on all major digital music platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, SoundCloud, etc.)

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